Dave Burk received his first camera, a Pentax K1000, from his grandfather at the age of 14 and has been taking pictures ever since.  That first camera was his doorway into the exploration of Chicago urban landscapes. Dave’s passion for creating visual narratives was born. 

From high school darkrooms to the Brooks Institute of Photography to Hedrich Blessing, Dave has immersed himself in the study of design and architecture. Dave lives and breathes this world – each building, each city, each assignment is another opportunity to communicate a new story with control, refinement and focus.  

Dave begins each new assignment with a conversation. He and the client discuss the design challenges and intent of a project. Thoughtful composition and a keen understanding of light are his foundation.  The result is a collection of imagery that visually conveys the creator’s desired message.

Dave travels all over the world on behalf of a diverse and talented group of designers and architects.  He welcomes each assignment as a chance to communicate a new story.